Friday, July 11, 2008

NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/gss/util/NLSLocale

When I upgraded my Oracle JDBC driver to, Oracle XSQL Utility started giving me the following exception when using "-encoding UTF-8"

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/gss/util/NLSLocale
at oracle.xml.sql.XSULocale.getJavaCharset(
at OracleXML.To_XML(
at OracleXML.ExecuteGetXML(
at OracleXML.main(

Ok, it turns out that in Oracle, some classes that used to be in
orai18n.jar got separated into their own jars, which are shipped with Oracle
XDK, not with Oracle JDBC drivers. For example, oracle.gss.util.NLSLocale is now in $XDKHOME/jlib/orai18n-mapping.jar.


Prabesh Shrestha said...

I am having similar problem.I searched for orai18-mapping.jar but could not find it.Please help me by sending me the link.You can mail be at

Thank You,
Prabesh Shrestha

Nicholas Sushkin said...

Prabesh, the ora18-mapping.jar is a part of Oracle XDK (XML Developer Kit). Google it.