Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sun NetBeans day

September 11th was a Sun NetBeans day in Boston. Here's what I learned:

  • NetBeans keeps improving. NetBeans 6 consolidates six independent Java parsers of version 5 into one. Syntax highlighting and refactoring can now use more semantic information; it is now faster and more powerful and accurate.
  • Profiler is now improved and built-in into NetBeans. It can be enabled or disabled at runtime using profiling points. More info at Netbeans profiler pages.
  • The most active site about NetBeans is NetBeans Wiki.
  • New England has an active Java User Group, which organizes nice talks. See NEJUG.org
  • A lot of introductory presentation about Java technology inluding RIA and REST is posted by one of the speakers at JavaPassion.com. The speaker himself was speaking way too fast with a Korean accent, but his presentations must be filled with information.

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